CMV was founded in 2006 after the acquisition of a production plant for special cylinders and tanks for military use.
CMV manufactures seamless steel gas cylinders directly rechargeable from steel tubes.

The production facility is located in Turkey, in an industrial hub in Manisa, while commercial offices and logistics are located in Italy, in Ancona.

The management consists of qualified Italian personnel and Turkish specialists with extensive experience in the pressure vessel sector.

Customization of cylinders is our flagship; our technical office can study many tailor-made solutions for the needs of each customer.

Our main technical and operational ranges are:

  • Diameter range: 229 ÷ 410 mm (9.02 ÷ 16.14 in)
  • Length range: 600 ÷ 2200 mm (23.62 ÷ 86.61 in)
  • Operating pressure: 40 ÷ 330 bar (580 ÷ 4786 psi)
  • Test pressure up to 500 bar (up to 7252 psi)
  • Water capacity range: 25 ÷ 220L (1525 ÷ 13425 in3)

CMV produces many types of high-pressure seamless steel cylinders and can develop various purposes:

  • Firefighting;
  • Industrial gases;
  • CNG storage;
  • CNG Automotive;
  • Explosion protection;
  • Hydrogen.
Our production is certified and approved by the most important global authorities; in our production, we can count DOT (Department of Transportation), TC (Transport Canada), PESO (India), T.PED, PED, R 110, ISO 11439, R.I.N.A. (Italian Naval and Aeronautical Register) certifications.

CMV is also able to provide solutions for assembled full-frame structures (SKID) and cylinders filled with various gases according to customer needs.

Moreover, thanks to our solid connections, we can also provide a complete package of firefighting valves.

The production site of CMV in Turkey, inaugurated in 2019, represents a significant step forward in the company’s evolution. In addition to adopting cutting-edge technologies to increase flexibility and production quality, its location allows reaching other neighbouring countries of great economic importance, reducing costs and transportation times.

Thanks to this expansion, CMV has improved its production and distribution capacity in Europe and worldwide, consolidating its position as a leader in the field of seamless steel gas cylinders.

In any case, requests for cylinders with technical characteristics outside of these operational ranges will be evaluated as quickly as possible.