CMV is a company specialized in the production of seamless steel gas cylinders, founded in 2006 after the acquisition of an old production plant.

Thanks to significant investments, all production facilities have been updated and replaced with the latest technologies to increase production flexibility and quality to the highest standards in the cylinder market.

CMV offers a range of diameters from 267 to 410 mm and lengths from 600 to 2200 mm, with an operating pressure from 60 to 330 bar and a test pressure up to 500 bar.

CMV produces many types of high-pressure seamless steel cylinders for various purposes, including:

  • Firefighting;
  • Industrial gases;
  • CNG storage;
  • Automotive CNG;
  • Explosion protection;
  • Hydrogen.

Additionally, the company is capable of providing solutions for assembled full frame structures (BUNDLES or SKID) and cylinders filled with various gases, such as carbon dioxide, inert gases, and FK5-1-12 gases.

CMV can also provide a complete package of firefighting valves thanks to its strong collaborations with its industrial partners

Finally, CMV evaluates requests for cylinders with technical characteristics outside the operational ranges in the shortest possible time.