The compressed natural gas (CNG) storage and transportation cylinders produced by CMV are the ideal solution for safely and reliably storing compressed natural gas.

Thanks to the use of advanced technologies and continuous research into innovative materials, CMV is able to provide high-quality, seamless steel cylinders with maximum strength.

CMV’s CNG storage cylinders are suitable for various applications, from road to maritime transportation, and can be customized according to the specific needs of the customer.

The available diameter range extends from 267 to 410 mm, while the length varies from 600 to 2200 mm. The operating pressure can reach up to 330 bar, and the water capacity can go up to 220 L.

With extensive experience in this sector, CMV can offer its customers a wide range of solutions, from design to production, to commissioning and after-sales service.

The quality of the cylinders produced and the customization capability make CMV an ideal partner for companies in need of high-quality and reliable CNG storage cylinders

CNG storage cylinders are an important solution for the transportation sector.

Thanks to CMV’s extensive experience, these cylinders can be purchased in SKID/BUNDLES, which represent a practical and functional solution for compressed methane transport.

CMV is able to customize each project to meet the customer’s needs, always ensuring maximum safety and reliability in cylinder production.

The use of SKID/BUNDLES allows for optimal use of space during transportation and reduces loading and unloading times.

Furthermore, ease of handling allows for efficient and safe transportation management, ensuring maximum product reliability.

By relying on CMV for the purchase of CNG storage cylinders in SKID/BUNDLES, you can count on a leading company in the industry, with solid experience in cylinder production and a strong focus on product safety and quality.


Bombole stoccaggio metano CNG