The explosion-proof cylinders produced by CMV are tailored for the prevention and extinguishing of fires, especially in industrial environments such as silos.

Thanks to extensive experience and advanced production technologies, CMV offers highly customizable and high-performance solutions, capable of ensuring maximum effectiveness in emergencies.

CMV’s fire extinguisher cylinders are made of seamless steel, ensuring greater resistance to high pressures and excellent sealing. The range of available diameters and lengths allows to meet the needs of any customer, ensuring unparalleled flexibility in the production of customized fire extinguisher cylinders.

CMV utilizes the most advanced technologies for the production of its fire extinguisher cylinders, aiming to ensure maximum quality and safety. Furthermore, the company constantly invests in research and development of new solutions for the fire protection sector, to provide its customers with cutting-edge products.

Thanks to its many years of experience and the technical expertise of its technical office, CMV is able to provide personalized consultancy for choosing the most suitable explosion-proof cylinders according to the specific needs of the customer. Additionally, the company offers a highly professional and reliable after-sales service, ensuring comprehensive support to its customers in case of need.

In summary, CMV’s explosion-proof cylinders represent the ideal choice for those seeking highly customizable, high-performance, and safe solutions for fire prevention and extinguishing, especially in industrial environments such as silos.


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