CMV is not only specialized in producing high-quality cylinders for various sectors but also capable of providing a wide range of cylinder accessories and components necessary for their proper maintenance and use.

Among our available accessories are protective caps, which come in various shapes and sizes to fit any type of cylinder.

Additionally, we also offer securing rings, designed to ensure a perfect seal between the cylinder neck and the valve, safeguarding the cylinder from gas leakage.

Regarding cylinder refills, CMV collaborates with top industrial partners to ensure high-quality products compatible with our cylinders.

We provide a wide range of refills, including inert gases, carbon dioxide, and other technical gases, all compliant with safety and quality standards.

Choosing CMV as your cylinder accessory supplier means relying on the quality of our products and the professionalism of our team.

Contact us for more information on our accessories and to discover how we can assist you in meeting your needs.